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BikeKeeper® for Designers

Stylish design, together with countless color and installation options makes the BikeKeeper® products a great choice for all kinds of buildings. Whether you are planning a large office building, a condo or a house, BikeKeeper® ushers in unique and matchless elegance.

You can use BikeKeeper® products as a part of your plans with ease: simply download BikeKeeper® products from the BIMobject® cloud service. All the files are Archicad 13+ compatible. If you cannot find the product you were looking for, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Colour planning according to location

BikeKeeper products can be delivered in any colour of the RAL colour chart. Furthermore, the roof of the Shelter product line can be delivered in sheet metal instead of polycarbonate. Customisability ensures that BikeKeeper products are always adaptable to the environment, from new construction sites to historical buildings. In contrast, the products can be delivered in warning colours for a fresher look and improved visibility.

What is BikeKeeper quality?


We have 10 years warranty. Other companies in the best case give warranty for 1 year covering manufacturing mistakes. It´s not warranty. After 1 year client has to pay for even manufacturing problems.

Powder coating

Traditional bike racks are ”galvanised” OR painted. Right process means not only colour. It’s called duplex. That means that properly made painting protect zink surface. The whole idea is that paint is covering zink.

Other thing is that under zink must be ”third material” which come from real galvanisation and it is between zink and steel. Real painting must be done after product is storage hot-dip galvanized and then sand blasted before pullover painting. Nobody does it in USA, but we do.

The high-quality powder coating finishes the product and provides it with a durableouter surface.

Fully galvanised

Our products are hot-dip galvanized inside and outside, and powder painted. Traditional bicke racks are not properly hot-dip galvanised. There are several different actions that must be done before dipping to zink. But the main thing is that traditional bicke racks are not galvanised inside and that’s the main thing to do.

The fully galvanized structure has a long life cycle, even in harsh Nordic conditions.

Thick-walled steel beam

Our products are made from pure hard steel. The heavy-duty BikeKeeper frames will not succumb to dents by working machines, the weight of wet snow or vandalism.

Usually in traditional bike racks steel is ”soft” and there is added coal and other not clean material into steel. It even can’t be galvanised right because it’s not purified and hard steel.

Galvanizing process needs only pure steel to make chemical reaction happen.

UV-resistant, shock-resistant polycarbonate

Our covered products feature a clear polycarbonate sheet which is lighter and more durable than glass and designed for outdoor use. In addition to the basic clear option, you can choose smoke, bronze and frosted glass.

Guidance labels are a user-led entity

Guidance labels placed on the racks and in their vicinity encourage users to store their bicycles in a way that not only optimises security, but the use of space as well. The notice label placed on the door of the equipment storage helps prevent break-ins in advance.



Correct measurements ensure optimal functionality

  • Placement near door
  • Visible, well-lit location contributes to security
  • If possible, provide a weather-proof location or use choose the BikeKeeper Shelter
  • Placement should observe ploughing, cleaning and the location of display windows in business premises
  • The stations can be removed for yard cleaning
  • The stations can also be bolted into place with wedge bolts
  • Sufficient amount of racks
  • It is recommended to install both adult and children’s bicycle storage stations outdoors. This reduces the clutter in indoor storages while encouraging active use of bicycles.
  • Place a BikeKeeper label on the door as a deterrent, for example, indicating structural classification. This will tell any sticky fingers to stay away.
  • Install a junior station next to the playground.
  • You may also install a separate parking station for scooters and buggies.
  • The access area in front of the station should be 1.5 m
  • For office properties, distribute user guidelines (available on our website), e.g. via e-mail

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