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Why Bikekeeper is the smartest choice?

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One Side 8 and Dual Side 16. The high capacity classics.

All new Triangle. Endless possibilities to make it yours.

Because the Smartest Choice is the Most Cost-Effective Choice

Invest in a quality product that will outlast the competition, saving you money.

BikeKeeper makes the highest quality bike racks on the planet from hot-dipped galvanized steel, inside and out. That’s why we can offer a staggering 10-year warranty, unheard of in the industry.

To enhance your property further, we also offer premium outdoor furniture made to withstand heavy wear and extreme weather conditions. Why constantly replace inferior bike racks, when you can have one that lasts?

Deters Crime – after organizing public areas, yards and storage spaces with Bikekeeper products we have witnessed trespassing and petty crime going down and space utilization going up. Leading to safer, more liveable neighborhoods.

Featured Reference: City of Wellington, FL
Product: One Side Shelter

Extendable Shelter – a freestanding, foundation-free solution for high capacity bicycle parking.

Many of our base modules are free-standing and easily removed for maintenance or remodeling. Modular Bikekeeper makes it is easy to build a bicycle parking solution of any size.


New Triangle shelters and service points.

Ideal for municipalities and shuttle bus operators.

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PREMIUM SITE FURNITURE BY BIKEKEEPER – add to the functionality, efficiency, looks and safety of your property by choosing our benches, picnic tables, bins with self extinguishing bot receptors and more.

Featured Reference: Ikea Store, Finland
Product: Groundbase, Bicycle parking sign


“Significant reduction of bicycle thefts”
-Property manager

“Many more people cycle nowadays, in first year we’ve had a 30% increase”
-Property manager, corporate campus

“The storage is in so good order that it is very easy to use my bike daily”

“People stay longer in our rental apartments because they are more satisfied”