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The smartest bicycle parks and site furniture

BikeKeeper is the Nordic pioneer and market leader in safe, efficient and ergonomic bicycle parking solutions and site furniture.

Bicycle parking stations with frame locking

BikeKeeper’s headline products, our patented bicycle racks, are the best way to build a bicycle parking station that will be appreciated by both residents and property owners.

  • Designed by cyclists for cyclists
  • The most efficient way to use space
  • Inexpensive installation and maintenance
  • Countless opportunities for grouping and colour design


Our bicycle racks have proven to make communities safer. When bikes are more difficult to steal and at the same time more accessible to their owners, thieves move elsewhere and law-abiding residents use the common areas more.


Large employers have witnessed 2-digit growth in bicycle commuting after adopting the Bikekeeper bicycle parking solution. Employees are more satisfied when they can combine exercise and reduce car usage without a fear of having their bike stolen. Employers in turn benefit from healthier, more motivated employees.


Increased safety brings great benefits to landlords too. But that’s not all. Bikekeeper bike racks make best use of space while maintaining good accessibility. Inspired by frequent snow plowing in our Nordic home country, many Bikekeeper products are freestanding and can be moved for yard maintenance or to a different location depending on capacity needs. This makes Bikekeeper a great solution for large properties – such as university campuses – with multiple bicycle parking spots. In long term, promoting bicycling also means residents need their cars less. When more and more people choose not to have a second car, expensive parking spots can be put to a better use.


Finding a safe spot for a bike is a major hurdle for many cyclists wanting to combine shopping into their commute. Therefore many businesses including shopping malls, fitness centers and department stores have witnessed increase in the number of customers after introducing safe Bikekeeper bicycle parking areas.

Original BikeKeeper®

The customer should trust a genuine and real product. Because the designs are registered, the customer can also trust the fact that juridical or financial risks are not included in buying and using them.

Social Responsibility

BikeKeeper® is proud of its responsible business activities. We use only socially responsible and ethically right-minded companies as our co-operation partners. In accordance with our corporate social responsibility programme we take care of the well-being of our employees and aim at sustainable development for the environment.

Design from Finland

Designed for some of the harshest winters on planet, Bikekeeper bicycle racks are durable and maintenance free. Our frames are hot galvanized and powder coated to give them a durable, corrosion free finish. Our canopies are made out of impact resistant polycarbonate. All our bike racks and site furniture can be made to a desired color spec.