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All new Triangle. Endless possibilities to make it yours.

BikeKeeper – Because the Smartest Choice is the Most Cost-Effective Choice

Invest in a quality product that will outlast the competition, saving you money. BikeKeeper makes the highest quality bike racks on the planet from hot-dipped galvanized steel, inside and out. That’s why we can offer a staggering 10-year warranty, unheard of in the industry. To enhance your property further, we also offer premium outdoor furniture made to withstand heavy wear and extreme weather conditions. Why constantly replace inferior bike racks, when you can have one that lasts?

  • Life-cycle cost analysis – We have the most cost-effective option
  • Only Bicycle Rack with a 10-Year Warranty
  • Functionality
  • Space Efficiency
  • Safety
  • Scandinavian Design
  • GDL, Revit, and BIM files that can be easily integrated

BikeKeeper in action

The Safest Bike Racks are the Most Durable
– BikeKeepers Just Are

BikeKeepers are the most durable because of the way they’re made – from pure, hard steel. Our racks go through a meticulous process that makes them the toughest in the industry, guaranteed. Unlike other racks, ours are hot-dipped galvanized inside and out. We finish them with a powder coating, giving them a tough, corrosion free outer surface. Our durable site furniture is produced using the same stringent methods.

  • Designed by cyclists for cyclists
  • The most efficient way to use space
  • Inexpensive installation and maintenance
  • Countless opportunities for grouping and styling
  • Most durable – crafted from pure, hard steel
  • Unheard of in the Industry – 10-Year Warranty
  • Our sleek design instantly upgrades any area
  • Customizable: All bike racks and furniture can be made to any desired color spec.
  • Available with removable canopies for better bike protection
  • Deters Crime – displaying specific safety features prominently ssuch as bike racks are a deterrent to crime.


BikeKeeper has proven increase in safety in any area that it’s installed.

Its attractive and functional design puts a stop to bike thieves because it gives users the ability to lock the bike frame to the BikeKeeper rack, making bikes more difficult to steal.

When bikes are more difficult to steal and more accessible to their owners, thieves move on to find an easier target.

BikeKeeper bicycle racks are proven to make communities safer. It’s simple logic.

People are naturally attracted to areas that are safe. They’re more inclined to shop and play in areas where there’s less crime. So, installing BikeKeeper racks can encourage the overall safety of a community. More people, more business, more growth – the community is improved overall.


BikeKeeper has a Winning Design from Scandinavia.

Simply stated, there is no better bike rack in the industry. Because of its safe design, our racks are a crime deterrent. They’re also the easiest and the most cost-effective way to upgrade any building. Installing a BikeKeeper bike rack on your property announces to the world, Safety Matters Here.

New or old, no other rack has built such a reputation.

Large employers have witnessed a 2-digit growth in bicycle commuting after adopting the BikeKeeper bicycle parking solution. Employees are happier when they can combine two things they can feel good about – exercise and reducing car usage without fear or worry of having their bike stolen. Employers in turn benefit from healthier, more motivated employees.


Traditional bike racks are not well designed. In fact, locking your bike to some of these poorly designed racks can cause more harm than good. Clustered together bikes can be tipped over and in the process, they can become damaged.

BikeKeeper racks are unmatched. There is no other bike rack on the market today that even comes close to giving bikers the usability, safety or efficiency as BikeKeeper. Our products actually encourage bicycle use by providing bikers a safe place to lock up their bicycles that they can feel confident about. That means that people use them.

Installing BikeKeepers means no more empty, useless, vacant racks that just take up space. Instead, you’ll find BikeKeepers full of safely locked bikes and happy bikers who use them. This makes BikeKeeper a great solution for large properties – such as university campuses, condominium complexes, gated communities, parks and shopping areas – with multiple bicycle parking spots.


No other rack in the industry can hold as many bikes as BikeKeeper. BikeKeepers are the most cost-effective because people use them. When bikers see that there is a TRUE safe place to park their bicycles they’ll use them. Why pay to install a rack that will sit empty or on a rack that just can’t accommodate many bikes?

Finding a safe spot to park a bike is a major hurdle for many cyclists wanting to combine shopping into their commute. So many businesses including shopping malls, fitness centers, and department stores have witnessed an increase in the number of customers after introducing safe BikeKeeper bicycle parking areas. Installing BikeKeepers means instilling confidence. Build It, and They Will Come!

You Can Trust BikeKeeper®

In purchasing BikeKeeper you can be sure you’ve invested in a genuine product, our designs are registered so customers can use BikeKeeper knowing that juridical or financial risks are not a factor in buying and using them.

We Don’t Just Talk Social Responsibility – We Live it.

BikeKeeper® is proud of its responsible business activities. We use only socially responsible and ethically minded companies as our trusted partners. By following our corporate social responsibility program, we make the well-being of our employees a priority. We strive for sustainable development for the environment.

From Finland with Love

Finland, home to some of the harshest weather on the planet! We Know Snow! That’s why BikeKeeper is designed to stand up to the worst weather. Our racks and outdoor furnishings are both durable and maintenance free – Guaranteed!


We love talking to customers about how to best safeguard their bikes while bringing a more attractive look to any location. We’re right here if you have any questions, or if you’re ready to invest in BikeKeeper racks that will stand the test of time – Talk to Us! (561) 209-6863