Two workers installing BikeKeeper Dual Side Shelter

Safe and sound frame-locking bike racks

Durable and secure

Quick to assemble

Several sturdy mounting options

A true pioneer in bike safety and style

Frame-locking bike racks – Yard furniture – Outdoor storage – Indoor storage

Did you know……

…BikeKeeper® is the pioneer of frame-locking bike racks and bike storage in Finland?

We offer the right tools to designers for reaching good end results and help you to design the best solution for you. Product measurement information can be found on the product-specific pages. In addition, the volume models of the products and general installation and dimensioning instructions help to see how Bikekeeper fits into a specific environment you have. 



BikeKeeper®is easier and more comfortable to install and use than most of the traditional, low bicycle racks.

Locking a bicycle by the upper part of the frame is more ergonomic, easier and cleaner, particularly at night and in bad weather conditions. Furthermore, by resting the bicycle frame against the rack, the risk of bending its rims is reduced.


Bikekeeper® builds safe environments

Frame locking effectively reduces bicycle thefts, storage break-ins and vandalism. When bicycles can be securely stored in an appropriate place designed for them, the whole environment becomes more tidy and pleasant.

Experience has taught us that BikeKeeper has helped render previously unsecure areas safe. BikeKeeper® is more than a bicycle storage station – it is an investment in an improved environment and quality of life.

  Many more people cycle nowadays, in the first year we’ve had a 30% increase in sales

The storage is in such good order that it is very easy to use my bike daily

  Significant reduction of bicycle thefts

  People’s feeling of safety has increased a lot both in rental units and in owner-occupied apartments

  Less intruders in storage areas, equallng lower repair costs

  More foot traffic with new bicycle racks installed

  People stay longer In our rental apartments because they are more satisfied

  It’s much more family friendly here thanks to increased safety and cleanliness

  The staff can cycle to work, when the bikes can be parked in front of the office

  Customers arriving for shopping on bikes has given a clear boost to sales when bikes can be confidently locked in front of the store

Extendables: One Side and Dual Side Shelter

The shelter bike rack that can be placed in the free space is scalable for any number of bikes. Product specs coming soon.

Ground Base -tuotteet

The recessed or surface-mounted BikeKeeper® Premium Ground Base is a convenient way to solve the storage of bikes and scooters. Recessed installation provides opportunities for innovative groupings: bike parks don’t have to consist of straight lines!?