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Stickers for parking

Designed for some of the harshest winters on planet, Bikekeeper bicycle racks are durable and maintenance free. Our frames are hot galvanized and powder coated to give them a durable, corrosion free finish. Our canopies are made out of impact resistant polycarbonate. All our bike racks and site furniture can be made to a desired color spec.

Powder coating

The high-quality powder coating finishes the product and provides it with a durableouter surface.

Fully galvanised

The fully galvanised structure has a long life cycle, even in harsh Nordic conditions.

Thick-walled steel beam

The heavy-duty BikeKeeper frames will not succumb to dents by working machines, the weight of wet snow or vandalism.

UV-resistant, shock-resistant polycarbonate

Our covered products feature a clear polycarbonate sheet which is lighter and more durable than glass and designed for outdoor use. In addition to the basic clear option, you can choose smoke, bronze and frosted glass.

Guidance labels are a user-led entity

Guidance labels placed on the racks and in their vicinity encourage users to store their bicycles in a way that not only optimises security, but the use of space as well. The notice label placed on the door of the equipment storage helps prevent break-ins in advance.