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What are the Benefits of School Bike Racks?

Few of us ride bicycles as often as school-aged children. You'll hardly find a person who never rode a bike in their schooldays. Kids of different age groups take their bikes to school. College students residing in school housing often cycle around campus to get to class and back.

But it's not just students who are contributing to cycling's growth in popularity. Our society has become increasingly more environmentally conscious, and the bicycle is one of the most environmentally-safe methods of getting around.

BikeKeeper offers some smart, cool, and safe parking options for bikes. Here we will discuss the benefits of some of the racks made especially for schools.

What are the Best Bicycle Racks for Schools?

Dual Side 20 – Large Campuses

University campuses tend to have the highest density of bicycles as compared to any other location. The Dual Side 20 can park 20 bicycles using ten rails, making it perfect for accommodating many bikes while using space efficiently.

Dual Side Shelter – Student Housing

Dual Side Shelter is another useful option for student campuses, be it high-school or college. This type of rack can park 16 bicycles on eight rails.

Ground Base - Music Institute

The ground base model is the most common type of bicycle rack. There are different types of ground bases available. Ground bases offer storage for two bicycles per rail. Because they are compact and customizable, they are perfect for smaller academic institutes like music schools.

Ground Base Dual - Elementary School

This type of bike rack is most commonly used to park children's bicycles. Ground base models come in different installation styles depending on your requirements. These installation types include embedded and surface.

One Side 8 – Academies

One Side 8 is the most used racks on campuses of all sizes. This type of frame uses four racks to park eight bicycles.

One Side 8 – Medium University Campuses

One Side 8 is very convenient for medium-sized university campuses. Safe parking is essential when a student's primary method of transportation is their bike. The One Side 8 model offers optimal safety and convenience.

One Side 8 – Middle School

These models are durable, safe, and attractive, making them perfect for showing off your school spirit and give a secure storage location for students about to enter high school.

One Side Junior Shelter - Kindergarten

This is a similar model as the One Side Shelter racks. However, the Junior models are much smaller as they cater to younger children.

Need a Different Bike Rack Model?

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Why Choose Our School Bike Rack?

Safety and Convenience

Students of all age groups cycle to school because bicycles are a convenient and safe method of transportation. This means that if you are a school administrator, secure bike racks are a must for your campus. Luckily, our bike keeping racks focus on safety because we understand that children are more vulnerable to risk.

A Design for Every Need

BikeKeeper comes to all schools' rescue. We not only provide robust and secure racks but also take care of children of all ages. We offer parking racks for bikes of different shapes and sizes to ensure that everyone has a safe place to store their bicycle.


Schools have the option to get their logos installed on the racks. Now, how cool is that? Kids get a chance to park their bicycles on racks with their school logos to show off their spirit.

Do You Need a Custom Bike Rack for Your School?

At BikeKeeper, we pride ourselves on our exceptionally crafted products and unmatched customer experience. Give us a call at +1 (561) 209-6863 to learn more about your School Bike Rack options.