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Benefits of Bike Racks for Buildings

You would think that advancements in technology that brought us electric vehicles and more ergonomic cars would mean fewer people using bicycles, yet the opposite is true. As we become more urbanized, people living in major cities have a hard time finding a place to store vehicles, so they often default to the tried-and-true bike. That is where BikeKeeper’s bike racks come to the rescue. We have bike racks especially made for apartment dwellers. Let’s check out the benefits of various types of bike racks.

What are the Best Bike Racks for Buildings?

Carpet Beating Frames

This model frame for bike parking can be quite useful for a smaller apartment building as it packs a lot of storage space in a small area. Carpet beating frames owe their popularity to their smart use of space without sacrificing safety.

Dual Side Shelter

Dual Side Shelter can store bicycles in two rows of either eight or ten rails. Depending on the number of rails, the parking capacity hovers around 16 to 20 bicycles. The ground base mounts against a wall in these types of frames.

Front Locker

Front locker models offer some of the most secure options for bike storage. This rack is easy to install and can park many bicycles without taking a lot of space.

Ground Base

These racks are bolted directly into the ground and separate the bicycles from one another. Ground base models the most basic racks to park bikes and are available in a wide range of models suitable for large amounts of bikes.

One Side 8

This is one of the most popular models for buildings because it offers a convenient parking option suitable for apartment buildings, student housing, and storefronts. One side 8 allows parking of eight bicycles using four rails.

One Side 8 racks are also available in shelter models which provides cover from the elements and adds some aesthetic appeal to any building.

Want to Know More About Our Bike Rack Models for Buildings?

BikeKeeper uses only the highest quality materials and our installation is top-notch. If you want to gain more insight into our options, get in touchwith us today!

Why Choose our Bike Racks for Buildings?

Best in Safety

Why worry about the safe parking of bicycles when we are here! Suppose you’re the manager of an apartment building. You have all the amenities, including a gym, park, swimming pool, and more. When residents go from one place to another inside the community, they prefer to ride, not drive. When someone goes to the gym from their house on a bicycle, giving them peace of mind that their bike will be safe will go a long way in improving their quality of life.

High-Quality Craftsmanship

Not only do we use the best materials available, but we are also always pushing towards innovation. Our techniques evolve with the times so that we can always provide the best options regardless of your need.


BikeKeeper is your one-stop-shop for all parking-related issues. We provide you with safe and durable bike racks for apartments of all sizes. We know that one size can’t fit all, so that’s why our bike racks come in a wide range of models suitable for every environment.

Ready to Enjoy the Benefits of the Best Bike Racks for Buildings in the Market?

Keep your resident’s bicycles safe and in a convenient location. Get our bike racks for your buildings with modern features and enjoy a 10-year warranty! Call us at  +1 (561) 209-6863