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What are the Benefits of Public Bike Racks?

As people move towards fitter, more active lifestyles, bikes become an integral part of the routine. Several countries are encouraging cycling as a means of commute over other modes of transportation. And one way they are getting more people to take up cycling is by offering public bike racks.

There are many advantages to adopting cycling besides the apparent health benefits. Cities that adopt better amenities for cyclists have much better air quality. Also, those cities have significantly reduced traffic, which makes for a quieter neighborhood.

Outdoor bike racks have such a profound effect on getting people to cycle that governments are spending more money on them. A recent survey revealed that 70% of all the mayors agreed that cities should make their roads more bicycle-friendly.

Why Should My Business Adopt Public Bike Racks?


Cycling is a growing trend, and cyclists are more likely to visit local businesses. And since they are saving money on gas, that means they have more to spend in your store.

Brand Image

Stores are investing in bike racks to make their business more approachable and more comfortable for cyclists to visit. Companies consider this a significant improvement to their image because having bike racks signals to customers that you are an establishment that cares for the environment and your client’s convenience.

Safer Parking

Having a proper bike rack also prevents mishaps like theft and damage to property due to improper parking.

More Customers

Businesses with public bike racks create more space for visitors and get more customers per parking spot. This means better returns on investment. It is also easier to increase parking capacity at a minimal cost.

Do You Want a Specific Bike Rack Model for Your Business?

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Why Choose our Public Bike Racks?

Moving in the Right Direction

A public bike rack is more than just a place to park a bicycle. It is a sign that we are progressing towards a brighter, less polluted future. Businesses that have bike racks endorse this fact. We all want to better ourselves, and cycling is a step in the right direction.


BikeKeeper has been a manufacturer of premium quality public bike racks for a long time now. Our attention to detail is unmatched, and we leave no stone unturned to ensure that your bike is safe when you use our bike racks. We build our products to the highest specifications in the market - peace of mind for our users is practically guaranteed.


Our bike racks are designed to be safe and are built to thwart any attempts of theft. Our bike racks are hard wearing and weather resistant and are made with high-quality materials. We have a choice of paints and finishes that you can choose from to make your bike rack even more durable.


We have designed our bike racks to ensure that your bicycle is safe from abrasions or scratches. We provide safe contact points that do not leave any undesirable marks on your bike.


Bicycles come in various designs and configurations, which make storing or parking them a challenge. We have designed our bike racks to be compatible with the most popular bikes used by cyclists.


We have several designs and finishes for you to choose from. We’ve got you covered from the tried and tested grid-type racks to vertical or even two-tier bike racks.

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