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If you were to have gone back in time 50 years and told people that bicycles would be surging in popularity in 2020, they would have looked at you like you were crazy. By now, many would’ve imagined we’d be in flying cars and hoverboards. But what no one counted on was on a cultural change geared to popularizing healthier lifestyles.  

As more people move toward lives that emphasize health and fitness, we have seen more and more bikes on the road. Adapting to this changing environment means that businesses wishing to remain competitive should cater to cyclists. Luckily, public bike racks offer an affordable and effective option to improve convenience for your customers while also improving your brand image. 

At BikeKeeper, we take pride in our products and we have made it our goal to provide businesses with public bike racks of the highest quality. Let us show you what sets us apart from the competition.  


Improve Your Brand Image  

Bikes are gaining steam as part of a growing fitness trend. When customers approach your business and see that there is plenty of room to store bikes, they’ll know that you’re a forward-thinking company. This will also make cyclists more likely to shop at your store, and current trends demonstrate that cyclists are more willing to spend than the average customer  



If you own a bike, there’s always a concern in the back of your mind when you leave it unattended for an extended period of time. Offering public bike racks outside of your business gives cyclists the peace of mind that their property will be safe.  


More Traffic 

This one is simple – the easier people find it to park outside of your store, the more customers will come through the door. Public bike racks help save space, open up parking spots, and encourage an environmentally friendly alternative to motor vehicles. Less traffic outside means more traffic inside.  


What Makes Our Public Bike Racks Different?  


All BikeKeeper bike racks are designed to optimize space. This means that the front of your store will look neater and more welcoming to cyclists and pedestrians alike.  



Our public bike racks are manufactured with only the highest quality materials and feature multi-frame locking technology. This system is proven to decrease theft across the board.  


Superior Design  

We go beyond safety and efficiency. When we manufacture our quality products we do so with an eye for design. Our goal is not just to provide bike racks you can rely on but also to give you a stylish product that doesn’t diminish the appearance of your business or storefront.   



Our products are designed to last. We use only the best materials to ensure that when you buy our public bike racks, you won’t have to think about replacing any component for a long time. This means fewer headaches for you and more money in your pocket.  


We have designed our bike racks to ensure that your bicycle is protected from abrasions or scratches when parked. These racks come with several safe contact points that do not leave any undesirable marks on any bicycle.  


All our public bike racks are made with the user experience in mind. We understand the wide range of bike designs better than most and build our bike racks to accommodate every style out there.   

Looking for the Highest Quality Public Bike Racks?  

We are industry leaders because of the undeniable quality of our products and commitment to customer satisfaction. If you don’t want to settle for anything short of the best bike racks on the market, call BikeKeeper today