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Why Bikekeeper is the smartest choice?

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A bike parking rack is vital when it comes to securing your bike. With so many people commuting by bicycle these days, property owners, universities, and even public agencies are experiencing the need to provide quality bike parking racks. Fortunately, with BikeKeeper commercial biking parking racks, riders can access a sturdy place to lock their bikes. Whether you are looking for a heavy-duty bike rack for a parking lot or a stylish bike rack in front of a small business, we have the right rack for everyone. 

BikeKeeper bike racks are available to suit a wide range of budgets as well. We can provide you with a plethora of bike parking rack types to hold your bicycle vertically or horizontally. From wave to double-decker and hoop to coathanger, you can choose from a variety of styles. 

Unlike the majority of bike racks in the market, BikeKeeper racks are made in the USA and European Union to achieve the best quality in the industry. This means we can customize the bike parking rack according to your unique needs.


Bike Parking Racks for Property Owners

As people are becoming more conscious of their health and carbon footprint on the environment, bicycles have become an ideal lifestyle choice. According to The Census Bureau, the number of bike commuters has increased significantly in the last five years alone. 

Which is why adding a bike rack to your property can be a smart business decision. 

Did you know that adding a bicycle lane on Valencia Street in San Francisco led to a 60 percent rise in sales at local businesses? If you provide better access to people who ride bicycles, you encourage more people to visit your store.

If you own an apartment building, providing BikeKeeper indoor bike racks will attract potential residents especially if your property is situated in a bike-friendly location. 


Bike Parking Racks for Universities 

No one loves a bicycle more than a student on a budget. Since most students are looking for an inexpensive, efficient, and convenient way to get around on the campus, bicycles are an obvious choice.

In fact, bicycles seem to be equally popular among the students and faculty! 

Unless you want to see bikes chained to signposts, trees, or guard rails on campus, check out the premium BikeKeeper bike parking racks. 


Bike Parking Racks for Public Spaces and Agencies 

By providing the necessary infrastructure for more people to get around by bicycle, you can invoke a healthier change in the community. Multiple cost-benefit evaluations indicate that for every $1 invested in walking and bicycling, up to $11.80 can be gained in benefits. 


Choose Bikekeeper Bike Racks for Maximum Security and Convenience

While choosing bike racks for a parking lot, you need to focus on convenience as well as protection. Depending on how many bikes need to be parked, your budget, and the location of the space, you’ll need to choose a bike rack that fits all your needs. 

That’s where Bikekeeper comes in. We design bike racks to best fit streetscapes, sidewalks, vehicles, inside buildings and out. You can choose from stacked, vertical, horizontal, and custom options to meet your various needs and spaces!

A bike rack can be both aesthetically pleasing and practical. 

BikeKeeper creates secure and durable, high-quality bike racks for municipalities, shuttle bus operators, parks, complexes, public and private areas. Call us today at 561-209-6863 for a free quote.