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Why Bikekeeper is the smartest choice?

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School-aged children are some of the most avid cyclists. Ask around and you’ll have a hard time finding anyone who did not ride a bike in their schooldays and that has not changed much over the years. Student cycling is not a trend that ends at high school either; college students are notorious for biking to class from their student-housing. For all these reasons, having safe, secure, and well-designed bike racks are essential for any educational institution.  

If you are interested in a design but do not see a junior size listed, please give us a call! All our rack designs can also be modified to accommodate the youngest of bicyclists.  

Which Bike Rack Designs are Best Suited for Schools?  

 BikeKeeper has an extensive selection of bike racks suited for any educational facility. The design you choose will depend on the age of your students, the number of bikes, and aesthetic parameters. We have also created our triangle rack to be extremely versatile, so it can be placed pretty much anywhere! 

Dual Side 20  

This bike rack design is best suited for larger student populations like those found on university campuses. The volume of bikes in these areas requires plentiful parking to accommodate every student, and our Dual Side 20 model offers ten rails that can accommodate a total of 20 bikes.  


These bike racks come in models capable of accommodating either 16 or 20 bikes and can even be extended to increase the parking capacity. Aside from the obvious benefit of a canopy that protects bikes and cyclists from the elements, the shelter models can come in either single or dual rail designs.  

Ground Base 

This model is one of the most popular styles of bicycle racks. The wide range of design options means that this model can be used to create large parking areas. Ground base models do tend to be smaller, making them best suited for smaller institutes like elementary and middle schools. 

Ground Base Dual 

Ground base dual models come with all the same benefits of the ground base model with the added benefit of being capable of accommodating twice the number of bikes. This model can either be embedded or undergo a surface installation.  

One Side 8  

One side 8 is the most popular model for college campuses because they offer the perfect balance of volume and safety. This model uses four racks to park eight bikes which means that they can easily fit in most outdoor locations like in front of student housing or a lecture hall.  

One Side Junior Shelter 

Similar to the shelter model, the Junior Shelter offers a covered option made specifically for children. Like the ground base model, this design is best suited for elementary and middle schools.  


Why Choose BikeKeeper School Bike Racks?  


Our bike rack model comes specifically manufactured with safety mechanisms that make bike theft unlikely. Your students can leave their bikes with the peace of mind that they will find them unharmed when they return.  


BikeKeeper uses only the highest quality materials to manufacture our products. This means that you will be less likely to have to replace one of our racks, ensuring long-term savings. 


Our school bike rack models are designed with the cyclist in mind. We build our products to accommodate the most popular bikes on the market, so every student has a safe location to leave their bicycles during school hours.  


Functionality doesn’t mean sacrificing design with the BikeKeeper bike rack models. Our racks are stylish and will match the aesthetic of your school. We also offer the option to have your school logo or mascot featured on each bike rack to increase school pride.  

Peace of Mind 

Not only do our secure school bike racks prevent theft, but they are also designed to avoid scratching or damaging the bikes themselves.  


Want the Best Bike Racks for Your School?  

From the highest quality materials to expert installation, BikeKeeper is an industry leader because you can trust our products to deliver the goods without compromising. Call us today to learn more!