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Why Bikekeeper is the smartest choice?

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Take a quick drive around a city and you’ll soon take note of a trend – there are a lot more cyclists than you’d expect. Now imagine you’re one of these cyclists and you go to your local grocery store or shopping center but when you arrive, there’s no place to securely leave your bike. Not only will you be concerned about the safety of your vehicle, but you’ll also be disincentivized from visiting that shopping location in the future.  

Stationary bike racks solve all these problems by providing a safe and reliable location for cyclists to store their bikes while they’re shopping. As more people have taken up cycling as their preferred method of short-range transportation, there’s an opportunity to increase clientele in your business by installing stationary bike racks.  


What are the Best Models of Stationary Bike Racks for Businesses?  

It takes quite a bit of time to go shopping and no one wants to leave their bike leaning against a wall for long. Shopping centers need to use their space efficiently to maximize the amount of traffic during any given hour. The following stationary bike racks give you the best balance of security and space-efficiency.  

Dual Side Shelter 

This is one of our most space-efficient models as it provides spots for up to 16 bicycles in eight rails. Dual side shelters also have the added benefit of overhead covering to protect cyclists and their vehicles from the elements.   

Triangle Series and Sidewalk Racks 

These two models are especially suited for urban areas and high-traffic spaces. The triangle series and sidewalk racks are excellent additions to city centers because they are both stylish and space-efficient.  

Ground Base  

Ground base stationary bike racks are bolted to the ground for increased security and allow cyclists to park two bicycles per rail. This model is popular because it can fit in smaller spaces and comes with surface or embedded installation options.  


This option is best suited for shopping centers with limited store-front space. One-sided stationary bike racks come with either eight rails or ten.  

One Side 8 can park eight bikes infourrails, and one side10parks ten bikes infiverails. One Side Racks can be usefulacross a wide range of marketplaces and shopping centers. These stationary racks offer you safe parking anywhere in the city.  

Front Locker 

Front locker models have been a favorite in urban storefronts as they offer easy locking options. The front locking system minimizes the risk of bicycle theft while the model itself provides comfortable parking for just about every bike design.  


Why are BikeKeeper Stationary Bike Racks the Superior Choice?  


Our stationary bike racks come with some of the most effective safety features on the market. Our front locker rack, for example, has proven to be extremely difficult for thieves to get around.  


Regardless of the size of your store or restaurant, BikeKeeper offers a wide range of options to match the amount of bike traffic you see on a daily basis. Our impressive variety of designs is only enhanced by our customization options that include being able to add your logo to our bike racks.  


We know what cyclists need and we design our models with them in mind. Our stationary bike racks are built to accommodate every style of bicycle. 


Our commitment to using only the highest quality materials means that you won’t need to replace the stationary bike racks for a long time. That’s more security for your patrons and more money saved for you.  


Are You Searching for Stationary Bike Racks in Lake Worth, Florida?  

BikeKeeper is so sure about the quality of our products that we offer a ten-year warranty. Give your customers peace of mind and get in touch today