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Why Bikekeeper is the smartest choice?

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As society continues to emphasize more active lifestyles, cycling has seen a spike in popularity. This is especially true in urban areas where most residents live in apartments and parking spaces are scarce and expensive. At BikeKeeper, we manufacture our products with the users in mind and understand the needs of the modern urban environment. For that reason, all our bike rack models are designed to take up the least amount of space possible without sacrificing aesthetic appeal, security, or durability.  


What are the Best Bike Racks for Buildings? 

Dual Side Shelter  

Dual side shelter bike racks are excellent options for buildings with a high number of cyclists as they come with either eight or ten rails which can accommodate 16 or 20 bikes. All our shelter models feature a shock and UV resistant polycarbonate roof designed to protect bicycles from the elements.   

Ground Base  

Our ground base models come in two standard sizes – junior and full. As you can tell by the name, the junior size is better suited to the smaller bikes used by children which is something to consider if your building is host to many kids.  

The perks of our ground base models are that they are easy to install, user friendly, and extremely secure. There are two installation options for the ground base, surface-mounted or embedded. We also have the ground base dual side which can accommodate twice the number of racks. 

Front Locker  

The front locker design has become quite popular because it’s been proven to be safer than most other bike racks for buildings. Our clients particularly enjoy its free-standing quality which makes it aesthetically pleasing.  

 One Side 8 

One side 8 allows parking for eight bicycles using four rails. This type of frame is one of the most used parking options and can be placed in just about any building or parking structure. One Side 8 frame is a very convenient parking option, especially in student housing complexes. 

One Side Shelter 

Protecting your bike is our number one priority. However, safety does not stop at a lock and key. We are proud to provide a bike rack that captures the simplicity of our one-sided system with a little twist. The one side shelter rack will tack on a premium canopy to save the integrity of your bike from weather, birds, tree sap, and other messy parts of life.  

Thankfully, our team is always thinking ahead and can also provide an extended version for mopeds and baby strollers. No wheels left behind! 


Why Should You Choose BikeKeeper Bike Racks for Your Building?  

Save Money 

Our bike racks are long term investments. Our quality materials and expert installation mean that our products are long-lasting and reliable. 


We design all of our bike racks to be practical and functional. This means that our models fit in most locations, won’t damage the bikes, and are built to fit the most popular bicycle models so that everyone in your building has a convenient place to store them 


Space is at a premium in most apartment buildings. Residents don’t want to have to worry about where they’re going to store their bikes. With our bike racks, you can make the life of your residents a little easier by giving them a place to safely store their bikes in a convenient location.  


Keeping a bike rack just outside a building is one of the best ways to protect them against theft. BikeKeeper specially designs bike racks to meet the highest security standards so your residents know that their bikes won’t be going anywhere while they’re not looking.   


Want to Install the Highest Quality Bike Racks in Your Building?   

Apartment or building managers have enough to worry about with the concerns of the residents. The last thing anyone wants to be worried about is bicycle theft.  

As an industry leader, BikeKeeper gives you the peace of mind that comes with high-quality products proven to be secure and backed by our unparalleled experience. Get our bike racks for your buildings with modern features and enjoy a 10-year warranty! Call us at +1 (561) 209-6863.