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Why Bikekeeper is the smartest choice?

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Today is National Bike to Work Day. There are events around the country encouraging people to commute to work on two wheels, rather than four. National Bike to Work Day promotes cycling as a healthy and safe alternative for commuting to work. The benefits of bicycle riding are many and varied. Let’s start with the most obvious ones.


Benefits of Riding Your Bike to Work

Less Traffic

If you live in a metropolitan area, sitting in traffic probably eats up a lot of time out of your day. Nobody enjoys being stuck in traffic, listening to people honking and wondering if you will make it on time. There’s less congestion if you grab your commuter bike and say goodbye to traffic. You can also say farewell to spending 15 minutes looking for parking.


Saving Money

Who doesn’t like saving a little bit of money? When you add it up, a daily commute can cost you a bundle. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average American household spent $1,968 in gas annually in 2017. That works out to $164 a month, which is nothing to scoff about. And that is just part of the economic benefits of bicycling, not even taking into consideration the money you will save on healthcare.


Physical Activity

Time is one of the reasons often cited when people talk about why they don’t exercise. If you become a cycle commuter, your workout will seamlessly integrate into your day without requiring any extra time; it’s just part of your commute. Not to mention, you burn about 100 calories per mile. If you bike about five miles a day, you may have earned yourself a piece of guilt-free cheesecake at the end of the day. Weight loss aside, cycling will build muscle with a lot less impact on your joints than if you were to jog or walk.


Health Benefits

Your lung capacity will increase, and your heart’s health will improve, as biking is a low-impact cardio workout. Overall, your entire health will be positively affected. According to published studies, biking often can reduce your chance of heart disease and cancer by half. Plus, it’s great for your mental health, since cycling gives you a sense of freedom and mental clarity that you don’t get while stuck in traffic. Moderate daily exercise helps prevent cognitive decline and increase mental power.

Outdoor exercise carries other benefits such as improving your overall mood, increasing your levels of vitamin D (by getting more sun), reducing stress, helping you sleep better, and even helps fighting depression. It will also boost your immune system!


It Feels Good

This is not a subjective statement. Exercise releases endorphins in your body, which basically make you feel great. It is also fun. Admittedly that one is a subjective statement, but still, most people will agree biking is just plain fun and soon you might find yourself wishing your commute was a little longer.


Come to BikeKeeper to Get the Benefits

When you decide to get rid of the stress of traffic to welcome in all the benefits and positive things that come with daily cycling, make sure you reach out to BikeKeeper. For the most cost-effective, stylish, and secure bike rack solutions, call BikeKeeper today at 561-209-6863.