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Why Bikekeeper is the smartest choice?

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Every day there are more people riding bikes and fewer places to store them. If you’re a business owner or building manager, you have probably contended with this problem, but finding a suitable solution is not always easy. Bikes come in all sizes, theft is always a concern, and most commercial bicycle stand manufacturers don’t offer guarantees that their products will be a worthwhile investment.   

At BikeKeeper, we pride ourselves on providing high quality, European made pieces. All of our products are of Scandinavian design and manufactured in Estonia by experts in the field. Our products are the perfect combination of durability, security, and versatility. But it doesn’t stop there. We go above expectations by manufacturing our commercial bicycle stands with design in mind so that our products will never be an eyesore in front of your store or residential building.  


Why Do I Need a Commercial Bike Stand?  

It doesn’t take an expert to see that we are in the midst of changing social trends. People are becoming increasingly aware of the pitfalls of unhealthy lifestyles and see fitness as a part of daily life like never before. This change means people are choosing to take bicycles to work or to run errands instead of driving to get more exercise in their day. Catering to this growing community means improving your brand image and enhancing customer relations.  


How Can I Benefit from Commercial Bicycle Stands?  

As biking’s popularity continues to increase, the responsibility is now on businesses to incorporate bike racks as part of their expansion plans. Unlike most investments, getting commercial-gradebike racks for your store is almost guaranteed to yield a return. Here are a few benefits that bicycle rackscan bring to yourbusiness. 

Brand Positioning 

Perception is everything in modern marketing. How your potential customers see you could be the difference between getting their business or going elsewhere. Becoming a bicycle-friendly business shows people that you care about making their lives more convenient and support a cleaner environment.  

Increase Foot Traffic 

Did you know that you could park over ten bikes in the space it takes to park a car? For your business, this means that you get more customers per square foot with bikers than you would with drivers.  

Stay a Step Ahead of Your Competitors 

There are not many early adopters when it comes to bike racks, and you can use this to your advantage. Having a bike rack means that many people will choose to come to your storeoveryour competitors. 

Customers Spend More 

There’s an open secret in the bicycling business cycliststend to spendmore at stores than people driving in their cars. And it makes sense because they save money as they don’t have to fill up on gas.  

Easy Expansion 

Increasing bikeparking is easy compared to car ormotorcycle parking, which in most cases, is impossible. Bike racks offer the flexibility of wall, roof, and even two-tier parking all at considerably lessoverheadcost. 


Why Choose our Bicycle Stand for Commercial Purposes?  


Our commitment to using the highest-quality materials means that with our products you don’t have to worry about premature decay or excessive wear and tear. We are so confident in our manufacturing process we even offer a 10Year Rust-Free Warranty.  


As aleadingbike rack manufacturer, we also have several options that suit every requirement and budget. Regardless of the amount of bike traffic you experience, we have just the commercial bicycle stand for you. 


With decades of commercial bike rack manufacturing experience, our bicycle racks have an outstanding reputation with the cycling community for being safe and reliable.  


Our commercial bicycle stands aren’t just designed to accommodate every style of bike, they are also manufactured to meet the highest safety standards. Our designs feature multi-frame locking technology to make theft nearly impossible. 


Want to Improve Your Business with Commercial Bicycle Stands?   

Give your customers what they need and improve your brand image with the highest quality bike racks in the market. CallBikeKeepertoday to learn more!