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Why Bikekeeper is the smartest choice?

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Make BikeKeeper bike racks your very own by customizing them with your company, municipality, or facility’s logo. Tell the world you care about safety, quality and supporting a healthier way of life by aligning with us!

There are so many ways you can show people you’re an advocate for cyclists, health and fitness, conservation, safety and the environment—Let’s see how.

You’re the owner of an eclectic coffee shop in a busy district that has a traffic problem—Show your customers that you care and that you’re aware of the traffic situation. Everyone knows that part of town. The one that has a tangle of crowded roads, no place to park, and a choking amount of exhaust from all of the idling cars. Show your clientele that you’re considerate and environmentally conscious by placing BikeKeeper bike racks in front of your store. Get the attention of your like-minded customers who also care about the environment by providing them a safe and convenient place to park their bikes. You’ll encourage people to pedal to your coffee shop, bookstore, boutique—any business in a busy area. BikeKeeper bike racks are available in a wide range of colors making it easy to match your brand or your business’ architecture. Check out our new Triangle Series here.

You’re a Lovely Municipality that has plenty of rolling parks, public swimming pools, soccer fields, and the like. You would love to see more people in your parks and you’d like to tell them to leave their cars behind and walk or bike there. Providing people with a safe place to park their bikes is a great way to get them to do it. Now align those wishes with our racks by putting your municipality’s logo on them. Now when people admire your parks, they’ll notice the logo on all the conveniently-placed bike racks. Residents will recognize the town as a place that cares about neat and orderly spaces as well as citizens’ health, well-being and safety. Well-organized, clean spaces are perceived to be safer, therefore more people use them—wish granted! Let’s not forget the more people opt for riding bikes, the more you reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

BikeKeeper racks are also a great way for the town to save money because our bike racks and furnishings are durable, safe and hold up over time. They’re the highest quality bike racks available that have found their place in the foreign market, even without additional promotional campaigns on social media run by companies like The Marketing Heaven. BikeKeeper racks stand the test of time and to show how dedicated we are to providing a top-of-line industry-leading product, we have a 10-year warranty that keeps town managers happy knowing our racks and furnishings will last.

You’re a Bustling Facility—People are clamoring to be where the action is. Wherever people gather, it’s nice to offer them a safe place to park their bikes. By affixing your logo to our customizable BikeKeeper racks people will associate your facility with safety and quality. From big sports arenas, train stations, gyms, business centers and anywhere people would like to use alternate transportation, offering them a safe harbor for their bikes while promoting your brand is one of the many things BikeKeeper racks do best.

You’re a Gated Community or Condo Manager—Home is where the heart is, and no place should feel safer than your own community. Whether it’s a gated community or condo, you have so many shared spaces—a clubhouse, gym, pool, tennis and basketball courts, a playground. Places that community members would like to go to, yet, leave their cars behind. They’ll want to bike there instead. Now imagine offering the most durable, safest and coolest looking bike racks known to man for your residents to use. Bike racks that corral your residents’ bikes in safety without worrying they’ll be knocked over. Now imagine those racks with your gated community or condo’s logo on them. It just screams welcome home to safety because we care!

Promote a healthy lifestyle, safety, and an overall more pleasant atmosphere by putting customized BikeKeeper racks on your property—equating the values of safety, environmental consciousness, and conservation. Align your values and unite communities with our outstanding BikeKeeper products.

BikeKeeper—Our Values

BikeKeeper is proud of its responsible business practices. We choose to partner with socially responsible and ethically-minded companies. We believe in our employees and make their well-being a company priority. We always strive for sustainable development for the environment.

BikeKeeper for YOU! Better Bike Racks for All — Form, Function — Finally!

Don’t just get a bike rack—invest in a quality BikeKeeper bike rack that’s strong, attractive and guaranteed, with an unheard of in the industry 10-Year Warranty! Our BikeKeeper designs are registered so our customers can use our racks knowing that juridical or financial risks are not a factor in buying and using them.

 Designed with Love, From Finland

You’ll never have to worry about our racks standing up to inclement weather. Welcome to Finland, home to some of the harshest weather on the planet! We Know Snow! BikeKeeper racks are designed to stand up to the worst weather. Our racks and outdoor furnishings are both durable and maintenance free—Guaranteed!

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